Saturday, May 3, 2008

The F word

I have been studying wealth for some time now and can attribute the majority of my growth to one simple action. Faith. I'm not speaking of faith in a religious, spiritual or mystical term, but the practical discipline of holding in mind that all things are working out for the advancement of all. This includes faith in others as well as faith in self. Faith requires the thinker to close his or her mind to any other posibilty than advancement regardless of current conditions. It is not a religious ceremony or ritual. It is an action. Just like your physical body, the more you excercise your faith the stronger it will become. For the next few days hold firm the belief that all good things are coming to you as quickly as you can receive them no matter what the appearance of your situation may me. From this faith will grow confidence. Once you develop confidence, you will feel unstoppable.

Why I beleive God wants you to be rich

Until recently, I had been conditioned to beleive that it was a "dog eat dog world" and that men only profited through cruelty and deception. I used to think that that by getting money, it had to be taken from someone or somewhere else. I now know this to be a common, yet flawed beleif. In this blog, I will make a case that you can become rich by doing what you want and make others rich around you and that by becoming rich, you are not taking away from someone else, rather you are contributing to the good in all. I intend to not only prove this theory as correct, but also to enrich the monetary and spiritual condition of the reader.